Recommend a Friend:

We love new people and finding a role to suit them!

Our Consultants have agreed to operate incentives to bring in new candidates seeking employment, so we now have a refer a friend offer, to help our on-going drive to recruit new candidates for either temorary assignments or permanents positions. 

Permenant Staff Position

12 weeks in a permenant role equals a £250 reward!

Anyone who recommends a friend to Jade Recruitment, where their friend is then subsequently recruited into a permenant position of employment will recieve a one off payment of £250. This will happen once their friend successfully completes the 12-week probation period of their new role through us.


Temporary Staff Position

200 hours of shift work equals a £100 reward!

Any existing Jade employee who recommends a friend to Jade Recruitment for temporary employment will recieve a on off payment of £100, which is subject to their friend completing 200 hours of work as a Jade Recruitment temp' employee.