Temp of the Month:

We choose one of our hard-working temporary shift workers as our Temp of the Month. If there is one who has really shone and gone out of their way, we like to congratulate them and celebrate their efforts! They are rewarded a bonus of £50.

October 2022

Our Temp of the Month is Roy Young.

Roy has worked for us for a number of months now.  He is hard-working, reliable and never complains.  We consistently receive feedback from our client to tell us how well Roy is doing.  

Roy, we really appreciate your sold and sterling work ethic and all the hard-work you put in on a daily basis! 


April 2022

Our Temp of the Month is Pascal Ferraton.

Pascal is loyal, hardworking and totally committed.  Since he has worked for us his performance has been nothing but amazing, he is super friendly, always mucks in and is a good all rounder who works with a smile. 

Thank you for all your hard work Pascal, we really do appreciate it! 


March 2022

Our Temp of the Month is Simon Preston.

Simon has worked for us since 2017 and has been consistently reliable and never lets us down.  He is happy to be called at short notice and work the hours we need and at any of our multiple sites.  He will move around happily and always with a positive attitude.  Our clients always know they can rely on Simon. 

Your hard work and reliability with a smile is always really appreciated by us all, thank you Simon.!


November 2021

Our Temp of the Month is Mihai Lucaciu.

Miahi is constantly on time and has amazing communication skills, we couldn't be more happy to have him on our team. He always puts 100% into all of his hours booked in with us and is always keeping us updated with his availability. All of our feedback focuses on his dedication and enthusiasm as well as how hard he works within each shift.

Thank you and well done Mihai, your commitment to your work has not gone unnoticed!


October 2021

Our Temp of the Month is Jacob Arnold.

Jake has worked full time as a temp for us for a while now, he just jumps right into the work and has seemed to enjoy all the placements he’s been in so far, which we hope continues! We like Jake's commitment to the work duties he takes responisbility for as well as his dedication to keeping punctual for his early morning shifts. We have seen development in his character and we are excited to continue working with him! A lot of positive feedback has come our way from the clients he has worked with so we have decided to reward him with Temp of the Month.

Your hard work and dedication is really appreciated and has been noticed, thank you Jake for standing out!


September 2021

Our Temp of the Month is Holly Heenan-Gray.

A student who worked for us throughout the summer and early autum months. We appreciate all of the hard work and effort she put in to take on shifts; including travelling far out to take on shifts in less accessable areas, working around her other commitments during the week. She maintained an upbeat, energetic attitude, always remaining punctual and polite.

Thank you for representing us so well over the summer!

We wish you the best at university this year Holly.


August 2021

Our Temp of the Month is Samantha Cox.

She is an incredible person, who is passionate and keen to work. Has experience in a lot of areas, which makes her perfect for various shifts and she has made them her own, shining brightly everywhere she goes. Working hard throughout the Covid pandemic as a receptionist for one of our amazing Clients as well as working at events over the weekend. She really has been a star and we can't thank her enough!

We recognise all the effort and time you have put in while working shifts for us , which is why we have chosen you as our Temp of the Month!

Thank you so much for your hard work over the course of this month Samantha.


July 2021

Our Temp of the Month is Penny Voss.

She has picked up a lot of shifts from us that we have needed covering, always with a smile on her face. She has been so friendly, energetic, and enthusiastic at every role and we have never had a complaint about her.

Well Done, Penny.

Thank you for all your hard work!