Looking for a dynamic and responsive partner?

Are you fed up of hearing the same old waffle from recruitment firms, and looking for someone who listens to what you want and understands your industry? Come and talk to us about your permanent and temporary placement requirements.

  • In a dynamic environment, we do the legwork and give you access to a ready pool of high quality candidates
  • We are quick to supply staff for those occasions where you need extra resource and fast – to cover sickness, holidays or special projects
  • Over 20 years experience in the Commercial sector gives us a good foundation on which to build lasting partnerships.

To the right are just some of the roles we currently fill. If you’re after any of these, or need something different, give us a call – 01306 876035 (Dorking)01420550789 (Alton).

100% rebate

Many companies require new staff to complete a probationary period – so we have made a concious decision to amend our terms and conditions for permanent placements and liken them to a 3 month warranty period.

Please take a moment to compare this with what you are being offered by other agencies.

Do they offer you a 12 week 100% rebate for permanent placements? We know of no other local agency that does.